Sumo the Handsomest
Sumo the dog before rescue and after foster
Before and After

Sumo is the very most handsome in all the lands!  He was found by a board member laying on the side of the road.  He could not even open his eyes when we found him. He was overweight at almost 100 pounds. His toenails were so long that they were curling under into his paws. He was full of internal and external parasites and had one of the worst cases of mange our vet had ever seen.  With some TLC he turned into the handsome lad wearing pink (look at those peepers!) in the picture.  He is currently in foster care with one of our experienced (and awesome!) fosters.  You can see what a tremendous impact fostering has on the lives of the most desperate animals.  Sumo is still losing weight and getting healthy so that he can find his forever home!

Sumo the dog snuggles with foster mom.
Foster mom snuggles!



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