Oakley the dog is now alert and happy in her new foster home.
Oakley showing off her pretty face in her foster home.

Warning: Graphic Pictures below! This is Oakley!  And she has quite a story to tell!  Oakley is obviously a cutie and has a great personality to match.  She loves people and other animals.  Unfortunately, someone had tied narrow rope around her neck and did not pay attention as she grew.  When collars and other objects tied around a neck don’t grow larger along with the neck, the tight band of material begins to cut into the skin and tissue.  This takes a long time and is obviously uncomfortable.  The best part of her story is that Oakley will be treated for her heartworms and has a spot in a program called Homeward Bound.  Homeward Bound is a student-run organization based out of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University.  They take high-risk animals out of shelters across the state and transport them to fantastic shelters in the northeast.   Oakley will have the home she so deserves.  The pictures below start out very difficult to see, but they do show her after pictures as well and is a dramatic example of what rescuers and the veterinary community are capable of.


Oakley the dogs loop of rope, obviously much too small, after removed from her neck.
The size of the loop around her neck.
A picture of the severe injury caused by the rope in the picture cutting into Oakley the dogs neck.
The rope cutting into her neck upon arrival at the vet (who we appreciate for coming in late to see to Oakley)




Closed neck wound showing a healthy, healing area.
The same neck wound after surgery to close.


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